Ethniv INC. was born out of a vision of a united Caribbean and Latin American community, and is propelled by the desire to promote and facilitate robust and cost-efficient trade in goods and services that help to empower regional business.

Ethniv will trade goods and services across the Latin American and Caribbean region and the Caribbean Diaspora. ethniv has launched its operations in the English-speaking Caribbean. Services will later be extended to the French, Spanish and Dutch-speaking territories in a phased implementation.

The Company

Ethniv INC, is a privately held corporation in the United States with its administrative facility in Brooklyn, New York. Ethniv’s board of directors and management team are comprised of career professionals committed to using their skills and experience to make this venture a success. Additionally, the management team’s regional origin provides ethniv with a unique understanding of the needs and desires of the region and its’ and Diaspora.

Our Mission

ethniv's mission is to harness the resources and creativity of the Caribbean and Latin America and make it readily accessible to existing and emerging markets. ethniv will exist to meet the requirements of our community. It is our strong belief that an adherence to this maxim will help to ensure a profitable and successful establishment.

Products and Services

The ethniv group is dedicated to and invested in bridging the divide that MSMEs in developing countries currently face when attempting to gain efficiency, make a profit and bring the products to a global marketplace. We show our commitment to empowering MSMEs by developing platforms and applications that put technology in the hands of these businesses. Our team is diverse, knowledgeable, experience and rooted in the community we serve.



Because we understand the challenges of MSMEs we have built a platform that help your businesses address those challenges. Knowing that e-commerce is more than product readiness and knowing that your business operations need to be e-commerce ready we have built Ethniv.com to meet those requirements and more. Ethniv.com is our e-commerce engine and SaaS (software as a service) platform which provides efficient logistics support to enable any business to grow in the local, regional and global markets. Our platform and suite of applications give you the tools you need to successfully manage your business in the e-commerce as well as brick and mortar spaces. Our feature-rich, interactive consumer facing e-commerce platform, brings consumers from across the world to your business. ethniv.com is facilitates vendors, businesses, and customers to trade in goods and services, in a robust and secure environment. At ethniv we are focused on our core business purposes: empowering MSMEs. Become a seller/ supplier on ethniv.com. It is simple, and our team is here to help you the process. Click here

Operations Efficiency
Inventory Management Point of sales Sales management
Analysis and reporting Wholesale ecommerce Purchase management
Order Management Retail ecommerce Logistic management
Marketing Management   Customer management




Promoters, event organizers and event administrators who are tasked with hosting, administering or selling access to your events now have a platform to call their own. Ethrave.com provides you with not only with a user-friendly front facing e-commerce interface from which attendees, revelers, fans can purchase access to your events, it also includes management tools to efficiently manage and promote those events. On ethrave.com you have the ability to digitize any space so you can sell access to your event based on seat reservation. Sports events, expos, conferences, retreats, revivals, boat rides, concerts- if you think of it this is the platform on which to manage it. Manage performers, speakers, sponsors, seating. Event memorabilia are sold alongside tickets. Mobile application, which runs on your mobile devices (phone or table), puts the power of access verification and control in your hand. Our tickets – digital or printed, can be scanned by your security team using their internet connected mobile device. No need to rent additional equipment. Lost or misplaced tickets can be verified in real-time

Key benefits of partnering with ethniv


World-class Technology :

ethniv provides all the technology and expertise require to give your businesses the capabilities to do business online from sales and deliveries to order management and analysis and reporting.

Reach :

in partnership with ethniv you are now able to reach a broader customer base located across the world.

Increase Sales :

With the ability to complete transactions online and the increased market visibility worldwide, you can expect to see a significant increase in sales.

Risk Mitigation:

ethniv bears the entire cost of acquiring, developing and maintaining the technology required to take your store and products global.

Operations :

24/7 business operation, your business earns while you sleep.

Efficiency :

Our suite of business operation and intelligence tool and applications helps to streamline business processes and brings great efficiency to your business.

Ethniv has stepped up to fill a significant portion of the resource void. This speaks to our commitment to empower those we serve, our community. Our team and our resource platform are bridging the divide between small businesses, the global marketplace, and the consumers who recognize the quality and the value in the products and services they produce. We are continuing to develop new platforms and application to empower our community. Lookout for new platforms and application coming soon!



Application Development, Web Development, Turnkey Solutions

Information Technology Consulting, Engineering and contractual service

SAAS- Software as A Service

Commitment to excellent service

As part of its commitment to excellent service ethniv will only continue a business relationship with suppliers who adhere to this same commitment. ethniv’s goals are to ensure both customer satisfaction and customer retention. Therefore, ethniv will consistently offer buyers incentives to help boost satisfaction and to encourage repeat business. Sellers are strongly encouraged to both initiate and participate in these promotions. However, when a vendors’ consistently poor performance directly affects customer retention, any costs ethniv incurs in ensuring customer satisfaction on such occasions, will be passed on to vendor after notification. Sellers must adhere to the commitment of all sales and services, which includes delivery commitment, price, discount, condition.

Benefits to the region


Promoting Caribbean and Latin American Goods and Services :

Like the talent that emerges from our region, our MSMEs produces some highest quality products in the worlds. Unfortunately very little is known about most of these products outside the country of origin or the region. With customer and vendors participation, ethniv.com we will do more than showcase all regional creations, we will deliver them to the world.

The region’s One-Stop Shop :

ethniv.com is the Region’s Market Place. The Virtual One-Stop-Shop that the world can access.

Contributing to regional economic growth :

In recent years, remittances have played an increasingly important role in the lives of Caribbean and Latin American peoples. ethniv’s cutting-edge technological platform easily facilitates transfer of remittances to the region to support family members, thus increasing their spending power. Now those remittance can take the form of directly shopping with business based in the region.

Additional revenue stream :

ethniv provides the opportunity for its business partners to realize a new revenue stream. One that has remained hitherto untapped, that is people in the Diaspora. Using ethniv’s secure Internet platform, seller’s market size and revenue stream are significantly increased.

Strategic Positioning :

The Journal of Business Research noted that "The Internet has become the most desired shopping tool for a significant number of people, and as such, a growing proportion of families' are more likely to shop online than go to the stores. Sellers aligning themselves with ethniv will have a strategic advantage over their competitors as they will be positioning themselves to take advantage of the billion-dollar industry of Internet shopping.