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Ethrave/Ethniv's Event Cancellation Policy

This policy applies to events cancelled on or after: April 15, 2021

We understand there are times when organizers need to postpone, reschedule, or cancel their event. This article explains Ethrave/Ethniv's policy for cancelled events and how refunds must be handled.

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  • Postponed - the event is expected to take place at a future date, but has not yet been rescheduled
  • Rescheduled - the event is scheduled to take place on a new date, which is reflected in the event details and has been communicated to attendees
  • Cancelled - the event will not be taking place on the scheduled date and will not be rescheduled within 90 days.


When an event is cancelled, the event organizer is required to:

  • Cancel the event on Ethrave/Ethniv
    • Detailed instructions on how to cancel an event can be found here.
  • Communicate with attendees
    • Share timely and accurate information about the event cancellation with their attendees using Ethrave/Ethniv’s email tool.  
  • Refund all orders 

If the organizer fails to handle refund requests in accordance with the above terms, Ethrave/Ethniv reserves the right to issue refunds on their behalf and at cost to the organizer.

What happens to the event’s payout?

When an event is cancelled, Ethrave/Ethniv holds the event payout to allow refunds to be processed, in accordance with our Merchant Agreement.